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There is something about the work of Jeremy Chambers, its gentle melancholy watchfulness, that grows inside the reader rather than knocking them over the head. No fireworks, no wordy dazzle: just the slow determined explication of damaged lives and thwarted hopes.’ Geordie Williamson, Review of Australian Fiction​


'an author not only in possession of an authentic feel for the ordinary but also blessed with a well-developed understanding of personal turmoil’ Eileen Battersby, Irish Times​

'a truly miraculous writer’ Philippe Chevilley, Les Echos​


'Turning his back on the preoccupations of most of our current novelists, Chambers taps into several rich seams...Chambers's voice is distinctive and individual.' Andrew Riemer, Sydney Morning Herald

‘There’s a lyricism in the language and a depth to the emotions laid bare here that’s utterly irresistible.' Diane Stubbings, Canberra Times​

'Chambers plays with the density of things left unsaid, with awkwardness and silence, as one would an musical instrument: without sadness, but with a hint of elegy.' Liliane Kerjan, La Quinzaine Littéraire

'Chambers writes very powerfully about the sadness of memory’ Kate Saunders,

The Times

‘Jeremy Chambers writes with a parched, tight prose. His words are like sun-blanched stones.’ Eric Neuhoff, Le Figaro Littéraire